Green Products

Water-base urethane finishes today meet the VOC requirements outlined by the Canadian and US governments, but the hardwax oil finishes are the most environmentally friendly options.

The hardwax oils are a different approach to hardwood floor finishing.  While urethane finishes form a coating on the top of the wood, the hardwax oils protect the floor from the inside out, forming a micro-porous surface which is wear resistant, dirt and water repellent, long lasting, and extremely hard wearing.  The hardwax oils are also solvent free.  The finished surface comes in a satin or matt finish.

A floor finished with the hardwax oil can be renovated without resanding the whole floor – only the affected area needs to be addressed.

Cleaning is also easy with only a non-aggressive household cleaner and a spray mop system.

The look of the hardwax oil finished floor is very natural and is the choice for people who love the look of real wood.


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