“Thanks again! The floor looks wonderful. We will have to chat about doing the upstairs, but I certainly couldn’t empty out all the rooms — that would be like moving!”         N.B.

“The floors are great. I’ve even sent the pictures to my son who lives far away — he figures my iPad must be full by now. I’m sure it will be great when the baseboards go down as they will be new and I just painted them twice with ivory paint.” H.O.

Q. Can my hardwood floor be refinished?

Your hardwood floor can be unsightly, stained and/or with little or no finish and can still be restored to near new beauty. It can be cupped, crowned and/or gapped and still be re-sanded, re-coated and re-finished. Pre-finished hardwood floors can be re-sanded.

Q. What determines if the hardwood floor can be re-sanded?

The thickness of the wear layer on your hardwood floor determines if it can be re-sanded, re-coated and re-finished – see the diagram below:

Q. How long will it take to fix my hardwood floor?

An average hardwood flooring re-coat is 1 day.
An average hardwood flooring re-finishing job is 2-3 days.

Repairs, install and job size determine the length of time of the project and often doing the hardwood flooring job properly takes additional time.

Q. Will I need other trades?

No, unless there are special circumstances such as moving live electrical outlets. We can remove and replace baseboards, doors, and move small amounts of reasonably weighted furniture.

Q. What is the environmental impact?

All hardwood flooring products used by Adelmann Flooring are environmentally friendly and have low VOCs.  Hardwood is CO2 neutral and natural.  Also, there are more hardwood trees in North America today than in 1950.

Q. Do you work on cottages in Manitoba and NW Ontario?

Yes. We will travel from Winnipeg to do hardwood flooring jobs in southern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. We enjoy the variety that these hardwood flooring projects offer!