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‘I have worked with Tim for almost 20 years. We have been on training seminars together and I have seen some of his work. Tim has always been conscientious about his jobs and continues to provide commitment to doing flooring the way it should be done. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Tim do my floor.”
– Greg Martin, CWFI Finmac Lumber Limited

At Adelmann Flooring in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we have several hardwood flooring options that we can offer you depending on your needs and also based on our expert opinion of which of our hardwood flooring products and services will provide the best solution for your hardwood flooring dilemma.

Re-coating Hardwood Floors

You may not need to re-sand that hardwood floor! Many hardwood floors, especially pre- finished hardwood floors, can be brought back to life by doing some repairs of filling and stain matching, and then re-coating. When professionally done, the result of your hardwood floor can be amazing as well as fast and cost effective.  At Adelmann Flooring in Winnipeg, Manitoba we specialize in re-coating and after a quick assessment of your hardwood floors, we can let you know if this is the best option for your hardwood floors.

Sanding & Finishing Hardwood Floors

Modern sanding equipment, hardwood flooring products and techniques have allowed for spectacular results with less time, dust, hassle, and health and environmental risks.  At Adelmann Flooring in Winnipeg, Manitoba we can of course install, sand and finish new hardwood. We can also take an old hardwood floor in need of repair down to raw the wood and build it back up to be both a beautiful and protected hardwood floor space.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

The Adelmann Flooring team has professionally installed thousands of hardwood floors. We install all types, species and styles of hardwood floors from raw wood to pre-finished, engineered, and floating.  Our team has been properly trained and educated from many manufacturer seminars, hardwood flooring courses and years of industry experience, so you can trust that your hardwood floors are in good hands.

Hardwood Flooring Repairs

So you’ve moved a wall, or maybe you want to add a room, or perhaps some boards are damaged on your hardwood floor. Did someone drill a hole in the wrong place, or do you want to get rid of that old electrical outlet in the hardwood floor? In most cases, a hardwood floor can be repaired and restored rather than tearing it out or covering it up, and usually at less cost.

Please call us at 204-792-0519 or by email to get an assessment of your hardwood floor to determine which of our solutions is best suited for your needs.


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