At Adelmann Flooring we specialize in site finish hardwood flooring.  We install and finish flooring with an emphasis on local woods like white oak, ash, and birch, and imported North American woods like maple and red oak.  We also refinish existing hardwood flooring including prefinished woods.

The newest products to come to the North American market are the hardwax oils manufactured in Europe. We use the Intemporel products from Italy and Osmo products from Germany.  They are the greenest and most environmentally friendly floor finishes available today.  They are also, in my estimation, the most aesthetic and practical finishes, and come in a variety of modern colours.

Of course, we also apply the urethane finishes manufactured by Basic Coatings and Bona.

“I was amazed by the hardwoods…they are beautiful.  Although we were not able to match the floors to the original stain, I love the new colour!  Refinishing hardwoods on both main floor and second floor give the whole house uniformity again…you can not tell one floor is brand new and another over 90 years!  With the exception that the main floor does not creak. Thank you so much!”              – S.R.

“We love the way the floors turned out!”                            –  A & G R.


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